Cast & Crew


Livvy Runyon -Writer/Director/Editor

Haley Padilla - Producer

Jordan Laguna - Assistant Director

Samuel Ott - Director of Photography

Autumn Brown - Gaffer

Rebecca Dell - Art Director

Anthony Jones - Audio Technician

Matthew Schacht - Set Photographer/B-Cam

Heather Beger - Craft Services

Nikki Gootschalk - Craft Services

Bradley Pulliam - Production Assistant



BF Helman - Lead Role

Originally an East Sider (born and raised in Granite City, IL), BF returned to St. Louis last year after working years as an actor and voice talent in Chicago. As an actor BF is most proud of having been a company member of the late, lamented DEFIANT THEATRE where he not only performed in many productions but also served as Xchequer. He also performed in plays with Remy Bumppo, Strawdog, Vitalist and Oracle Theater companies. He has done voice work for a staged production of Killing Shakespeare and can be heard as a voice talent on the cd 1001 Afternoons in Chicago based on the book by Ben Hecht. Also while in Chicago, BF performed frequently as a voice actor for the AFTRA/SAG Radio Players and for Unshackled (world’s longest running radio dramatic series). As a writer, BF is the author of The Hello Pages, the authoritative guide to outgoing answering machine messages, which now in our cell phone world is a bit antiquated.